Surabaya For Jesus

Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia. It's also known as the city of Heroes. Historically, many heroes were born & died in this city to defend the freedom of the country. Spiritually, many heroes were also born in this city to start revival across Indonesia & the world. The city is destined to raise up spiritual giants and a home for many great and mega churches. The search for a great church is still continues. What is a great church in God's eyes? We believe a great church is a church that is so glorious that it shines so brightly in the city, a church so powerful that it changes the history of the nation, a church so full of love that it transforms multitude of lives. The vision for Surabaya for Jesus is: Building Churches that win cities. Great church is not about size, but about influence! Let's win cities for Christ!

The movement has spread the fire of Revival and evangelism in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Jakarta & Surabaya for Jesus is an event that cannot be missed! The conference will equip each participant with in-depth, yet practical teaching of the word of God. It will be full of magnificent presence of God through praise and worship. The International speakers and guest stars have been chosen specifically to impart the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit that can ignite the fire of Revival and Evangelism movement all across Asia. In the evening sessions, the participant will be joining a city-wide crusade. In Surabaya, the crusade will be held at Ken Park, Kenjeran Surabaya. Be a part to witness thousands of souls will be saved and baptized that night.

Let's UNITE our hearts together!

Let's LEARN together!

Let's WORSHIP together!

Let's PRAY together!

Let's CRY OUT together: "This is the time for Revival in Asia!"